11 Mar 2009

EPSRC vacation bursary scheme-2009

The School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering runs a vacation bursary scheme (alongside a similar EPSRC scheme) to provide funding for undergraduate students to gain first-hand positive and practical experience of research in a UK university under the close supervision of an experienced member of academic staff.

If you are interested in pursuing a research degree after your undergraduate studies have finished, or you simply wish to enhance your research potential then this scheme will certainly be of interest to you.

Each project will last for around 10 weeks and will take place in the summer of 2009 and all students will have completed their projects by the 30th September 2009, at the end of the project you will give a short seminar presentation about your research project to other students within the School.

At this stage you need to be thinking of an area of interest/project that is of interest to you, and you can speak to academic staff members about your ideas and seek their support as your potential supervisor. Once you have established your idea you need to complete an application form and submit it to the Graduate School Office, room 1.08a (within Civil Engineering).


To be eligible you should be registered for your first degree and also be in the middle years of your undegraduate degree, that is, in the second year of a BEng or the third year of an MEng degree. If successful in your application you will also receive a stipend of £220 per week.

Application deadline

The deadline for submission of your application is Friday 20th March 2009 and we hope to notify successful candidates by the end of April 2009.

Further information If you have any questions regarding this scheme please speak to either Lisa McMeekin in the Graduate School Office or Professor Mi Wang.

furher information:http://www.engineering.leeds.ac.uk/pg/PostgraduateResearchScholarships.shtml

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