25 Feb 2009

The French Government

The French Government, through the Embassy of France in Jakarta, has
been providing excellence scholarships to Indonesian citizens for
more than 28 years. In order to pursue its objective to improve
Indonesian human resources, the Embassy of France will offer
scholarships for the year 2009.

Those scholarships are given to government officials, lecturers,
students, with a priority to those involved in a cooperation program
between France and Indonesia, to undertake two kinds of training:

* Master degree
(maximum duration of 2 years)
* Doctoral degree
(maximum duration of 3 years, only on a shared cost basis)
* Minimum diploma: bachelor degree / S1

* Fluent in English (or French)

* Less than 35 years old

* Minimum GPA score of 3 (except for fundamental sciences - 3,5)

* Submit all the documents specified in the application form

The selection committee will give priority to applicants who have
already identified a master/PhD program and have had a positive
answer from a French professor (or an acceptance letter).
Priority will be given to the following fields of studies:

* Engineering (water management, agronomy, civil engineering,
information technology.. .)

* Sciences (biotechnologies, information and communication
technologies, environment, risk and disaster management, energy, etc.)

* Public administration, economy

* Law and political sciences

Applications from students in other fields are nevertheless welcome,
as acceptance will be primarily based on excellence.
* First step: selection based on application form and required
documents submitted

* Second step: motivation interview (French or English languages
only) in Jakarta

Download the application form on this website: www.ambafrance- id.org
Follow the link "Etudier en France" or "Belajar di
If you need more information, please send an email at: infobgf@yahoo. fr
* intensive French language course: length according to the
applicant's needs and level (from survival course to extensive 11 months

* monthly living allowance

* 1 return ticket

* tuition fees (in public institutions for programs taught in French

* insurance
All applications must be sent before the 15th of April 2009 at the
following address:

Ambassade de France en Indonésie
Service de coopération et d'action culturelle
Jl Panarukan n°35
Menteng - Jakarta 10310
Please note that applications sent via e-mail and after the deadline
will not be taken into consideration.
http://indonesia. campusfrance. org/IMG/pdf/ Flyer.pdf
<http://indonesia. campusfrance. org/IMG/pdf/ Flyer.pdf>

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20 Feb 2009

Doctoral research opportunities ESRC PhD Studentships

Four ESRC studentships are available from September 2009 tenable for either 1+3 or +3 scheme. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate who have a first class or upper second class degree and a Masters in a related discipline to pursue PhD studies in any area of research expertise within the School.

Candidates who have not completed an ESRC-recognised research training masters course will be considered for 1+3 award. Successful 1+3 candidates are required to undertake one of the School's recognised masters courses, followed by three years doctoral research.

ESRC 1+3 and +3 Quota Studentships are available to candidates who are classed as Home student for tuition fee purposes. EU nationals who have not been resident in the UK for 3 years immediately preceding the date of an award are eligible for tuition fee only awards. Please refer to ESRC Guidance for full details.

The studentships cover tuition fees, a starting stipend of £13,290 per year (not subject to income tax or National Insurance deductions) and research training support grant.

Further details regarding eligibility for ESRC funding can be found at: www.esrc.ac.uk
information: mbs

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15 Feb 2009

Fully funded DPhil Studentship in Information Systems

The Information Systems Research Group is offering a fully funded D.Phil position in Oxford University's Computing Laboratory. This position is associated with the EPSRC project "Enforcement of Constraints on XML Streams", under the supervision of Professor Michael Benedikt, which will deal with issues in XML integrity-constraints and stream processing.

The studentship is fully funded (at EU fees level - overseas candidates will need supplementary funding) for 3 ½ years from 1st January, 2009. Students applying for admittance with a start date of 1st October, 2009 will receive a guarantee of 3 years funding. It includes a stipend of at least £12,940 per year as well as provision for travel to conferences.

Candidates must satisfy the usual requirements http://web.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/prospective/dphil/dphil-criteria.pdf for studying for a doctorate at Oxford. In addition, the student should be skilled in theoretical computer science; applicants looking to work in database systems should have a strong background in databases in addition to solid systems-building skills.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 20th February, 2009 and you should see below for further information and how to apply. Previous applicants need not re-apply.

Further Information and how to apply can be found here:

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